Dyslɘxic Day Drɘam

"They always did this stuff since day one, with sincerity. They have this attitude in life like so simple, so cool, nice, with liberty, so innocent."
"They’ve been here for twenty years, and you still listen to their first track, and is still fresh, and modern. For me they never disappoint." -DJ Falcon on Daft Punk 

"The best collabrorations in my life are when people you work with; are as good as you expect, and then even better that. You realize that person brings more to the party because you inspire that other artist to go to another level as they do you. So when I worked with the guys, it wasn’t like was just Nile Rodgers doing a session, or collaborating, it was being inspaired people an artist that make you go to another level, they make you up your game, even if your game is pretty good." - Nile Rodgers on Daft Punk